Soul Punch: Reclaim Your Inner Power
Gloria Marcott


Making Key Changes
Dr. Lori Schwartz Reichl

Making key changes in our living and working situations can be difficult, but change is possible! In this session, attendees will reflect on their story, consider who it includes, examine how each contributor is involved, and envision its development. Empowered women will explore what changes they want to make to their evolving stories and discover actionable key changes that will allow them to unlock their greatest potential in collaboration with those they love, serve, and lead. 

Women in Leadership: Dream, Believe, Achieve
Moderator: Ms. Jennifer C. Johnson Panelists: Dr. Mona Becker, Ms. Stacy Link, Ms. Heather DeWees, Dr. Cynthia McCabe, and Ms. Denise Beaver

Come sit down for an inspiring and informal discussion with a panel of stellar Carroll County women, all vetted leaders in our community of Carroll County! Gain insight through personal stories of resilience, determination, and dedication as they developed their dreams for our community into actions plans. Listen while they share how their knowledge, resolve and experience transcended them into our county’s elected and appointed leaders! Be roused by what encouraged them to serve and what drives them in their aspirations and accomplishments, taking note as they share their candid challenges and noteworthy celebrations! Panelists will share what they ENVISION for themselves and for you as their neighbors, peers, and parents. Attendees will come away with an appreciation for our community’s trailblazers and perhaps even an ignited spark of courage needed to step in and serve in a high-profile position!  

Navigating Conflict, Candor & Trust
Kelly Frager

Dive into the transformative power of conflict, candor, and trust in this engaging breakout session. Uncover your comfort zone with conflict, learn to reframe its narrative, and discover the pivotal role of trust in fostering safe spaces for dialogue. Explore the foundation of mutual purpose and shared meaning as catalysts for productive conversations. Elevate your communication skills and embrace healthy conflict as an opportunity for growth and collaboration in both personal and professional relationships.

Health & Wealth 360
Amanda Campbell & Michelle Riley


Find Your People
Dr. Ashley Waters with panelists Boi Carpenter, Veronica Cool, Honorable Joann Ellinghause-Jones and Mia Millette
Join us for a real-talk rockstar panel where authenticity takes the spotlight as we delve into the art of finding your people. Because finding your people – your mentors, sponsors, and advisors – can help you launch yourself to the next level, whatever next level means to you. We know that creating these relationships can sometimes feel intimidating…so our panelists will share their experiences in building relationships, especially since they now also serve as a mentor, sponsor, or advisor to someone else! Beyond the panel discussions, we invite you to introspect and scrutinize the bonds you’ve woven in your personal tapestry. Recognize those ties that uplift and empower you, as well as those that might inadvertently divert your focus. As we said, it’s all about finding your people!