Finding Balance Health & Wellness
Dr. Jyothi Roa

Many women are found to be in a sandwich generation. Aside from usual day to day tasks and juggling work/ life issues, women are usually caretakers for parents, children, neighbors, friends etc. The thought that we can do it all with multitasking and taking on more and more responsibilities occurs more in women than men.

This creates a high demand on our bodies and mind and without proper resources, lifestyle choices and mind shifts, it can spiral into negative health issues. Join Dr. Roa for a discussion in our tools to stay balanced during times of stress so we can continue to care for those who are dear to us.

Making the Connection
Julie Gaver
Whether you are a seasoned networker or just getting started, this highly interactive session provides participants with tools and tips for mastering the art of working the room. Practice the fundamentals of connection including confidence building, remembering names, asking good questions, making conversation, and proper business card etiquette. The majority of this session involves standing and moving about the room so bring your business cards and be prepared for laughter, fun, and better knowing the women at the conference!
Empowering Healthy Relationships: Achieve a More Peaceful You and A Happier Relationship Using Accountability
Alexandra Rickeman

Did you know there’s a shockingly basic skill that can improve your relationship starting today? And that it can reduce your stress and frustrations in the process?! It’s not a script, and it’s not a quick-fix gimmick. It’s accountability, and it’s become both rare and discouraged lately.

In this session, you will:

  • Gain self-awareness into your personality and root fears
  • See the link between fears and defensiveness
  • Hear how effective accountability sounds
  • Understand how becoming accountable benefits both you and your relationship
  • Go home with a new tool in your EQ toolbelt

Learning how to be accountable: it’s a major step in your self-growth journey and a total game changer for your relationship!

Find Your People
Dr. Ashley Waters with panelists Boi Carpenter, Veronica Cool, Honorable Joann Ellinghause-Jones and Mia Millette
Join us for a real-talk rockstar panel where authenticity takes the spotlight as we delve into the art of finding your people. Because finding your people – your mentors, sponsors, and advisors – can help you launch yourself to the next level, whatever next level means to you. We know that creating these relationships can sometimes feel intimidating…so our panelists will share their experiences in building relationships, especially since they now also serve as a mentor, sponsor, or advisor to someone else! Beyond the panel discussions, we invite you to introspect and scrutinize the bonds you’ve woven in your personal tapestry. Recognize those ties that uplift and empower you, as well as those that might inadvertently divert your focus. As we said, it’s all about finding your people!