Finding Balance Health & Wellness
Dr. Jyothi Roa

Many women are found to be in a sandwich generation. Aside from usual day to day tasks and juggling work/ life issues, women are usually caretakers for parents, children, neighbors, friends etc. The thought that we can do it all with multitasking and taking on more and more responsibilities occurs more in women than men.

This creates a high demand on our bodies and mind and without proper resources, lifestyle choices and mind shifts, it can spiral into negative health issues. Join Dr. Roa for a discussion in our tools to stay balanced during times of stress so we can continue to care for those who are dear to us.

Women & Wealth Panel
Megan Gilliland with panelists Coleen Kramer Beal, Sherry Cracium-Bolin, Shannon Hammond, and Emily Bollinger Miller

More women are in control of their finances and the financial wellbeing of their families and their businesses than ever before. An approximate $11 trillion of household financial assets in the U.S. are controlled by women with this number expected to increase to $30 trillion by 2030. Important decisions about wealth, taxes, estate planning, and insurance now fall under a woman’s umbrella and it’s raining!

In this interactive panel of local experts, you’ll learn key things to consider and have actionable take-aways in each of these significant areas.

Empowering Healthy Relationships: Achieve a More Peaceful You and A Happier Relationship Using Accountability
Alexandra Rickeman

Did you know there’s a shockingly basic skill that can improve your relationship starting today? And that it can reduce your stress and frustrations in the process?! It’s not a script, and it’s not a quick-fix gimmick. It’s accountability, and it’s become both rare and discouraged lately.

In this session, you will:

  • Gain self-awareness into your personality and root fears
  • See the link between fears and defensiveness
  • Hear how effective accountability sounds
  • Understand how becoming accountable benefits both you and your relationship
  • Go home with a new tool in your EQ toolbelt

Learning how to be accountable: it’s a major step in your self-growth journey and a total game changer for your relationship!

Creating a Culture of Empowerment in Your Workplace
Amanda Haddaway

What if you went to work every day knowing that you could bring your whole self – your ideas (even the outrageous ones!), your creativity, your innovation – and that you would be celebrated and encouraged by your manager and by the organization as a whole to try new things, experiment and even fail without repercussions?

This is what working for an organization with a culture of empowerment looks like…and it’s amazing!

Learn from workplace culture and employee engagement expert Amanda Haddaway as she shares ideas you can implement in your own organizations to create the culture you’ve been dreaming of.

You’ll learn:

  • The three components of an empowered culture
  • The top six things employees want in order to feel empowered
  • 10 ways to boost empowerment in your workplace