Navigating Conflict, Candor & Trust
Kelly Frager

Dive into the transformative power of conflict, candor, and trust in this engaging breakout session. Uncover your comfort zone with conflict, learn to reframe its narrative, and discover the pivotal role of trust in fostering safe spaces for dialogue. Explore the foundation of mutual purpose and shared meaning as catalysts for productive conversations. Elevate your communication skills and embrace healthy conflict as an opportunity for growth and collaboration in both personal and professional relationships.



Health & Wealth 360
Amanda Campbell & Michelle Riley


Resilience Rewired: Empowering Your Mind in Minutes
Moderator: Dr. Angelica Carter Panelists: Dr. April Herring, LauraAura Wallace, Dr. Lindsay Standeven & Karen Falkler

Unlock the power of resilience at our women’s conference panel discussion on mental health, featuring top wellness practitioners. Dive into the world of mental health management within high-stress professions and learn how to humanize your role while safeguarding your well-being. These experts will unveil actionable strategies, including (but not limited to!) a simple, 2-minute daily meditation technique designed to transform your mindset and outlook. Discover how to recalibrate and fortify your resilience in this enlightening session. Don’t miss the chance to elevate your mental health journey with us.

Moving Beyond Fear / Imposter Syndrome
Ericka Sallee


Find Your People
Dr. Ashley Waters with panelists Boi Carpenter, Veronica Cool, Honorable Joann Ellinghause-Jones and Mia Millette
Join us for a real-talk rockstar panel where authenticity takes the spotlight as we delve into the art of finding your people. Because finding your people – your mentors, sponsors, and advisors – can help you launch yourself to the next level, whatever next level means to you. We know that creating these relationships can sometimes feel intimidating…so our panelists will share their experiences in building relationships, especially since they now also serve as a mentor, sponsor, or advisor to someone else! Beyond the panel discussions, we invite you to introspect and scrutinize the bonds you’ve woven in your personal tapestry. Recognize those ties that uplift and empower you, as well as those that might inadvertently divert your focus. As we said, it’s all about finding your people!